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Its always a bit tricky to give a fixed price for Mobile Disco as no two parties are ever the same, at different times of the year and for different events various discounts may apply. A wedding DJ will need far more experience than a kids party DJ for example, and some dates are far more in demand than others. So a wednesday night school disco is going to be a lot cheaper than a wedding the Saturday before christmas etc.

However as you have taken the trouble to visit our most popular web page a rough guide to prices for Mobile Discos can range from about £200 - £500 and upwards. We offer introductory rates to Schools, clubs etc and discount deals for regular bookings. If you are working with a tight budget don’t be afraid to mention this as we will always try to help if we can. Although its best to be realistic, the days of a DJ working for a nifty fifty are long gone. A professional standard mobile disco will cost more than bargain basement but be worth every penny. The best way to get a quality Mobile Disco priced to suit your budget is to contact us. Call Cathy for a no obligation chat and get a great disco deal.

To give you an idea of why we price each party individually here are some of the pricing guidelines we use.

How many guests are you expecting at your party?
This will give us an idea of how big the venue is and therefore how much Mobile Disco equipment we will need to bring with us.

Obviously an 8 hour party works out at more than a 4 hour one, but it doesn't’t cost twice as much.

Time of year and other seasonal factors.
For example December is always more popular for Christmas parties than the bargain basement month of January.

What floor is the party on?
Naturally it’s more difficult and time consuming to carry half a ton of Mobile Disco equipment up (and then down again) 6 flights of stairs.

Any other special requirements. This one doesn't come into play that often but as example recently we performed at Arab wedding. To source all the requested music cost a few quid and in order know the best time to play what track a lot of additional background work was involved.

Other considerations might include parking problems i.e. red routes etc. Also if there are any additional risks or logistical difficulties associated with setting up the equipment. In the open air and a long way from a suitable power supply or on a riverboat for example.

Please Note

Any DJ who gives fixed charges no matter what the day, date or type of occasion can do so only by being sure to overcharge. A set price means a below standard Mobile disco. Disco companies that have a set price list on their website will often be booking agents. Once a booking is confirmed they ring round to see who is available and how cheaply the DJ will do the job. On the night your DJ may from the bottom of a very long list of rubbish DJ's. You could be paying a high price for a Cheap Mobile Disco that will not make it so cheerful.

Mobile discos are a great entertainment solution for any party. We offer an affordable and professional DJ service that is always great value. If you phone Pro Mobile Disco for a no obligation quote there is no hard sell. We ask a few questions along the lines of the questions listed above and it takes about 2 minutes, you are also free to asked us as many questions as you like. Unless you wish to confirm a booking we do not phone you back, record your details or pass these onto any third parties in any way.

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