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Along with a great sound system and super light show a Party Mobile Disco needs an experienced DJ. Some people Think anyone can DJ at a party. If you play any records in any order once every one has had a few drinks they will dance to anything. That's a bit like saying anyone can pick up a paint brush and splash some paint on a canvas to create a work of art. Although that worked fine for Jackson Pollock most people do not want that approach to organizing a special celebration. It takes a vast amount of experience to be able to read the crowd and any honest party DJ will admit to making lots of mistakes along the way. Unlike almost any other job you have to get it right on the night first time every time. Being reliable is critical, lets face it, if you call a plumber and he arrives two hours late or doesn't turn up at all it doesn't matter that much, you just book another plumber. Its inconvenient but hardly the end of the world. However if your DJ is even two minutes late or doesn't show up for your wedding reception it will seem worse than the end of the world.

At a party every record the DJ plays should be in reaction to how well the one before it was received. The dj should be looking for a selection of music that connects with the majority of party goers and creates a confidence the party will be a brilliant celebration. Playing requests is a great way to do this, requests help to create sense of involvement. The DJ may never have considered playing these requested tunes but these tunes will mean something very special to an individual. This person will often infect the whole party with their enthusiasm and inspire a positive feeling of collective goodwill. However sometimes strange requests kill the dance floor action. An experienced DJ will know by reading the crowed what requests are appropriate and will build the party atmosphere and whats best to avoid. However it is sometimes possible to play requested tunes that will cause a walk off. For example during a very long party or a party with not many guest's to refresh the dance floor, its sometimes a good idea to give everyone a break. This gives them a chance to have a drink and a chat etc and also gives the dj a chance to play these odd requested tunes that would not fit in otherwise. This might seem a strange idea but its best to maintain a state of group behavior. If people are getting hot and thirsty they will disappear from the dance floor in ones and twos, so its best to get everyone to walk of the dance in one go, let everyone take a breather and drop the volume a fraction so they can have a chat. A party is a complex environment of social interaction meeting with friends and talking and not just about the dancing. That said after a short break everyone will be set to join in and because its often the ladies who start the dancing, this time when they come back to the dance floor they normally drag their previously bar propping partners with them.

Pro Mobile Disco DJ Jim Costello has performed at thousands of different parties covering every age range and mix of age groups. All DJ's make mistakes but most of Jim's happened over 20 years ago. Jim has the party experience to turn your occasion into a real celebration and he has many letters of recommendations to prove this. Contact Pro Mobile Disco and book a great party DJ in Barnet.

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