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Barnet Wedding DJs

Everyone loves a wonderful Wedding and the evening entertainment is a very important part of the celebration. A great Wedding DJ will have all the best music floor fillers from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and more. A Wedding DJ should also have all the current pop and chart music to ensure everyone from Gran to teens and tiny tots has something to dance to. Pro Mobile Disco has dedicated professional Wedding DJs in Barnet that work hard to ensure the happy couple have the best party to celebrate the start to their married life. Over the years we have had the privilege at performing at many weddings and lucky enough to be called back to do several 1st, a few 10th, and two 25th anniversary party. Contact us for a experienced and professional Wedding DJ in Barnet

Mobile Discos 4 Anniversaries Parties

Unlike when you got married both sides of the family now know each other much better. Younger members of the family have grown up together making a more relaxed party atmosphere. Over the years we have provided many mobile discos for anniversary parties including Silver, Ruby, Gold and two Diamond. This type of party is a brilliant family celebration when several generations all look to the young couple taking their first dance and share in a feeling of lasting love.

Engagements Party Dj's in Barnet

Engagement parties can be great fun but are one of the most difficult parties for the DJ to get right. The DJ will need a varied selection of music to keep everyone happy as it can be tricky for the Engagement party DJ to get the music balance right. Usually the engagement party is when the two families meet for the first time, so sometimes this type of party can get of to a slow start. That said, after a few drinks and with the right choice of tunes you get to find out if your family is better on the dance floor than your new partners.

Birthday Party DJ in Barnet

We have to wait a whole year to have a birthday, so you deserve to celebrate. If you are celebrating your 18th party with mostly friends of the same age you need a different music mix than someone celebrating their 80th. If you are 1 or 101 there is no time like now to book a professional Mobile Disco and birthday party DJ in Barnet.