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We find everyone prefers different music styles at different times. What we think of as good music is not often the same as good party music. For an example many people would list classical music as their favorites, but classical music will never fill a disco party dance floor. However if you know your 80s music you may remember back in 1981 a medley record called "hooked on classics" did work for about two weeks. If its a mixed age group party like a wedding or other family parties the DJ needs to find a blend of music that everyone is happy with. If the DJ achieves this then the party will take on a group cohesion and people are more likely to go with the flow. In the perfect party situation everyone develops a collective feeling of goodwill and even if they are not keen on a particular record or style of music will still join in the fun anyway. The DJ needs to be flexible and adapt quickly.

In the average party there is only time for about 70 tunes, so there is no time for error. If its a mixed aged group party we aim for the middle ground, the latest chart music with the greatest floor fillers of the past will probable be a good mix. If its a theme night party like an 80's pop party or a 70's disco night then we will aim for the most danceable tracks and not waste time on a tune that people cant remember or did not fill the dance floor when it was first released. Tunes do have a play by date and even if a record which worked well at the time, like the hooked on classics medley (mentioned earlier) is played at a 80's party today it will cause a walk off. If the party has a more defined music preference like a party for teenagers, we will include the very latest chart music, concentrating on requests and the groups preferred music styles. There is no point playing the current UK number 1 tune if its from a indie band and everyone at the party only likes R&B or vise versa.

What ever type of party you are having with the right music mix the party should build to a crescendo where everyone is involved. Often this happens towards the end of the evening but sometimes certain factors such as a sunday christening party, with work the next day or if its a party with lots of parents of young children may mean people go home early. The DJ needs to gauge this and aim to peak the evening earlier if necessary. There is no point playing all the the top tunes after most people have gone home. Essentially a good Party DJ needs to have a fantastic knowledge of all kinds of music and adapt quickly. To do this well your party DJ needs years of experience performing at all kinds of Party and playing all kinds of party music.